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How to Print out Text Messages from Android Mobile Phones

If you have the habit of communicating with other people by sending text messages, you will find your phone memory is always get full of all kinds of messages and you have to delete them to free up more space. Troublesome, right? Or sometimes, you may wish to store some important messages to other places to check for fun or for recalling you of precious memories. Or you even need to keep some messages as evidence in a civil court matter for fear that they are lost for the wrong deletion and some additional unexpected reasons. In these cases, printing text messages from Android phone to paper could be a modest solution. But, how to do that?

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To print out text messages from Android phones, you should go through two parts of instructions like below:

Part 1: Export Android text messages to computer
Part 2: Print out the exported Android SMS messages

Part 1: Export Android text messages to computer

Some people may say they can take a screenshot of their Android phone and send the image by email, then download and copy them to a MS Word file for printing, but obviously, it is very troublesome and time-consuming, right? Here, we introduce two different methods for you to transfer text messages from Android phone to computer with 1 click:

Method 1: Print off Android Text Messages with Assistant for Android

First of all, you can take this MobiKin Assistant for Android (Windows & Mac) into your consideration. With it, you can export any text message to computer with one simple click, and before you conduct the exporting order, you're enabled to preview the whole conversation in the program directly. In addition, this program can fully compatible with almost all Android brands, including Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Google, LG, Sony, ZTE, etc. So you'll never need to worry about the phone's model.

Now, just get the free trial version of the powerful program, and then follow the below instructions to get your own messages on paper in few clicks.

Step 1: Run the Program and Enable USB Debugging

Launch the program after the installation, then enable USB debugging on your phone by yourself. If you don't know how to open USB debugging on your device, please click here to learn more detailed steps.

launch android sms exporter

Note: If your device can't be recognized by the program, you can read the article to learn how to fix the problem if the program does not recognize your Android device.

Step 2. Preview & Export Messages to Computer

All files are listed on the left panel, including Apps, Music, Photo, Video, Contacts, and so on. Please select the "SMS" icon and then you can preview all your messages. Mark the messages you need to be printed. After that, you can hit "Export " button to export and save the messages on your computer as the printable format.

export text messages to pc

Method 2: Print out SMS Messages from Android with Doctor for Android

A reliable and useful Android data recovery application named MobiKin Doctor for Android and MobiKin Doctor for Android Mac is also able to help you print Android text messages easily. What it will do is accessing your Android phone's internal memory, find the text messages - both existing ones and lost ones, and then export them from the Android phone memory to computer. The exported messages will be saved as HTML file that can be printed with ease. First of all, let's click the following button and go on reading the guide in the below:

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Step1: Link your Android phone to computer

After you downloaded and installed the Doctor for Android software, launch it. Use a USB cable to connect your Android device to the computer. Please note you need to root your Android phone as long as you want to recover SMS or contacts.

print text messages from android

Step 2: Scan your Android device for target SMS

Choose the "SMS" category and Doctor for Android will scan your Android phone and show all text messages in your phone. Existing ones are marked in black and deleted ones are marked in red.

print android text messages

Step 3: Start to export Android text messages

Preview and select the text messages you want to print. After that, you can click the button of "Recover" to save the exported text messages on your computer.

Part 2: Print out the exported Android SMS messages

Both the tools above can save the exported text messages as CSV file format on your computer desktop, which is named Messaging.CSV.

1. Make sure you have installed Microsoft Excel on your computer, and open the Messaging.CSV file in the MS Excel. Otherwise, you need to use another tool to view and print the CSV file.

print android sms

2. You can adjust the cells of the spreadsheet as needed in order to fit the contents.

3. Click File from the top menu and click Print from the left pane of the window.

print android messages

4. Set the number of copies that you want to print from the top left corner of the right pane.

5. After above settings, you can click Print button to print out the CSV file now.

Note: You can also have a chance to adjust print selection area or make other changes as you like.

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