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What to do before getting a new iPhone? This is a question often asked. The answer is that you must back up your old phone. Now, it is important that you know how to back it up, from A to Z! Do not trust any ol' method that you come across online. You need to implement a well-developed method to ensure that every file you select is backed as expected. Failure to do so will result in regret. So, as they say in many places, "it is better to prevent than lament."

Part 1. Back Up Your Old iPhone

1. Back Up Old iPhone with Assistant for iOS

Contrary to popular belief, you can back up your iPhone to your computer even if you do not have iTunes. Of course, you can do this effectively if you use the MobiKin Assistant for iOS. This method receives the first mention because as you know, it was developed by professionals in the software field, so this should not be so surprising. It does not run around the bush. It gets straight to the point. In other words, you do not have to follow 15 steps to back up your iPhone/iPad/iPod, which is often the case with other solutions.

The Top Eye-Popping Features of the MobiKin Assistant for iOS:

  • Smooth iPhone backup without risk of data loss
  • Backs up files with one click.
  • Can back up 14 different types of files from iPad, iPod, and iPhone to your computer, including playlist, ringtone, podcast, voice memo, Safari bookmarks, notes, text messages, contacts, eBook, music, videos, and photos.
  • Add, Delete or Edit iPhone, iPad or iPod Data Directly.
  • It is compatible with iPhone 14/13/12/11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, iPhone Xs Max, Xs, X, XR,9 (Plus), iPhone 7/7S (Plus), 8 (Plus), 6S/6 and more.
  • Support 1-Click iTunes Backup & Restore.

ios assistant for win ios assistant for mac

How to Use Assistant for iOS to back up old iPhone data:

Step 1. Download, install, and launch the MobiKin Assistant for iOS on your PC. Then, using a USB cable, connect your iPhone for the main interface to be shown.

install assistant for ios

Step 2. On the left side, you will note a list of files. Click on the desired categories and check the boxes next to the files that you want to back up to your PC.

main screen of assistant for ios

Step 3. On the top menu, find and click on "Export" to back up your files.

back up old iphone via assistant for ios

2. Back Up Old iPhone to iCloud

Backing iPhone with iCloud has become very popular among people who dislike using iTunes. However, keep in mind that every iCloud account only provides 5GB of free storage space. So, this method will not be a good choice if you want to back up more than 5GB. (Not enough iCloud storage?)

  • Ensure iPhone has a stable Internet connection.
  • Go to Settings and then "your iCloud account," followed by iCloud. (Ensure iCloud Backup is turned on.)
  • Click on "Back Up Now" for backup process to begin.
  • back up old iphone to icloud

3. Back Up iPhone with iTunes or Finder

If you have the version macOS 10.15 Catalina, you can back up using iTunes or Finder. This is one of the simplest methods to use if you have the aforementioned version. If you do not, we must warn you that it can take several hours to download. Some people have noted their upgrade tiresome due to constant pauses even with a stable Internet connection. It does not hurt to try, but remember that you have been warned about this very possible downfall!

  • Connect your old device to your computer and then open Finder or iTunes.
  • On the window, locate your old phone and, if you want to back up "Health and Activity Data," click on "Encrypt Local Backup."
  • When prompted, create a password and then click on "Back Up Now."

backup iphone to itunes

Click to See:

Part 2. Clear Storage and Deleted Unused Apps

The first step that you undertake should consist of clearing your old phone's storage. Unnecessary files should be deleted. It is common for duplicate files to exist. Delete any extras! Also, remember to scan your old phone for viruses, as you do not want to transfer any virus to your new phone.

Shorten your backup process even more by deleting any unused apps. Remember that there are some apps that are part of the iPhone's factory settings, so you do not have to worry about those apps. (How to Free up iPhone storage?)

Part 3. Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication

Before you switch to your new iPhone, if you utilize an authenticator app on your device to create two-factor authentication codes (FACs), turn off FACs for those websites that you utilize codes on. Ensure that you do so before switching to your new device.

how to turn off two factor authentication

Part 4. Update Your Old Phone to The Latest OS

It is crucial to update the OS version of your old phone to reduce any error during transfer. Depending if you have iPhone or Android, the process of this update varies.

1. How to Update iPhone to the Latest iOS

  • Turn on the Wi-Fi on your iPhone and then go to "Settings," followed by scrolling down and clicking on "General."
  • Click on "Software Update" and then click on "Download and Install."

update iphone

2. How to Update Android to the Latest OS

  • Turn on the Wi-Fi on your Android device and then open "Settings."
  • update android 01

  • Scroll down and then click on "About Phone," followed by clicking on "Software Update."
  • update android 02

  • Click on "Check Now for Update." If an update appears, click on "Download and Install Now."

Check If You Need:

Part 5. Upload Your Photo Library to iCloud

If you have a lot of photos in your Photo Library, you definitely want to back them to iCloud. On Settings, click on your profile and then click on iCloud. Choose photos and toggle on iCloud Photos. The time that this process takes to complete will depend on the number of photos that you are backing.

upload photo library to icloud

Bonus. Other Important Things to Do before Getting A New iPhone

1. Read Your iPhone's Manual

Your iPhone's manual can only be obtained online. It can be downloaded for free on the Book app.

2. Update to iOS 16.2

It is vital that you always have the most recent iOS version. Go to Settings and then click on "General and Software Update."

3. Protect Your iPhone

Unfortunately, iPhones are very fragile. So, investing in a case is highly recommended, especially if you are thinking about trading it in the future.

4. Learn Important Command

With each new iPhone, there are new commands. So, learning about them can come in handy to simplify various tasks.

5. Create Custom Memoji

Go to messages and then click on a message, followed by clicking on the Animoji icon on the app bar. To create your new Memoji, swipe left for the process to start.

Get the Best Use out of Your New iPhone

All of the above things to do before getting a new iPhone can get you on the right track to benefit from your new iPhone in every way. These back up methods have been implemented by numerous iPhone and Android phone users around the globe. They have proven to be effective, safe, and easy to use. So, deciding between them can be challenging. However, MobiKin Assistant for iOS guarantees this and much more; thus, it is often the go-to choice. Do not take anyone's word for it. Go see for yourself.

ios assistant for win ios assistant for mac

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