Top 10 Android SMS Managers Help You Manage Android Messages Easily

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We receive text messages almost every day, and they can be highly associated with vital tips of network operators, to-do items for work, notification of emergency events, personal identification information, etc. Apart from some spam messages, the rest are closely related to our life or work. And many times, we also need to send, delete and forward SMS. You know, it's much easier to do those on computer than on Android phone, especially for mass sending and exporting messages for printing, etc. At this point, it's thus of great importance to have an Android SMS manager.

Well, here comes a question: where can I find the best SMS manager for Android to manage messages on Android devices? OK, when you get into this page, you've made a bright option, as here's all you need.

android sms manager

Part 1: Best SMS Manager for Android - Assistant for Android

MobiKin Assistant for Android, the best Android SMS manager for PC and Mac, lets its users manage their Android data more easily and expediently. With it, you can manage all the files on your cellphone with ease, containing contacts, text messages, call records, music, videos, photos, user apps and so on. Now, if you are using an Android device, you cannot miss this full-featured software.

Here, you can choose the Windows or Mac version as per your needs by clicking the corresponding icon below.

win android sms manager mac android sms manager

How to Manage Android Text Messages with Assistant for Android?

Once the utility is properly installed, you can let it work for you. And of course, to smoothly manage your phone with it, you should generate a connection between your device and computer first, and get the connected mobile recognized. To fulfill that, you can start this tool and connect your Android phone to computer via Wi-Fi or a USB cable. Then go with the on-screen prompts to accomplish the recognition process. When your phone is successfully detected, you'll get the following interface:

the main interface of android sms manager

Now, it's easy for you to give full play to Android SMS on computer without restriction. Again, it can manage multiple Android devices simultaneously.

1. Access, Search & View the Messages

At first, you can tap the "SMS" option on the left menu of the main interface. All the text conversations on your mobile will then be displayed on the right panel. Here, you can type in one or two keyword(s) in the searching box so as to search your desired SMS conversations quickly, and view them easily. When you receive, send or delete a message on your device, you can choose to tap the "Refresh" button from the top menu to reload the text messages.

access, search and view messages

2. Export Messages from Android Phone to Computer

Want to save some vital text messages to computer? Well, this great software can help you accomplish this task with simple clicks:

  • Click "SMS" from the left panel to locate its contents;
  • Tick on the messages you'd like to transfer one by one;
  • Hit the "Export" button at the top menu, and then select to "Export to HTML/Text/CSV" format or "Back up to BAK/XML Files". After transferring the messages to computer, you are free to print out the Android text messages or edit them.

export sms to pc

3. Import Messages from Computer to Android Phone

As long as you have backed up your wanted text messages with this utility, you can restore them from computer to your mobile simply. Here is how:

  • Choose "SMS" option in the left menu;
  • Click "Import" from the top menu, and hit "Restore from Backup File (*bak, *json, *xml)" option.
  • - Select the needed files, and start importing them to your Android phone.

import sms to android phone

4. Delete the Useless Conversations

Provided that you've inserted an SIM card to your Android phone, it is inevitable that you will somehow receive some spam messages. But it doesn't matter, since this Android assistant tool can give you the freedom to clear them breezily.

  • Once again, press the "SMS" section;
  • Check all the text conversations that are useless for you;
  • Click on "Delete" to remove all the chosen conversations.

remove android sms

5. Send Messages to Others on Computer

Another highlight of this program is that it can be used to send SMS or even do mass texting on computer. And it is easy to perform that:

  • Tap the "New" option from the top menu bar, and then a window will appear;
  • On the pop-up window, you can fill in the blank box with the messages you need to send, and choose the recipients by clicking "Contacts";
  • Finally, simply press the "Send" button to get the message out.

send text messages on computer

6. Resend, Forward and Copy Messages

With the program, you are capable of resending, forwarding and copying messages as well.

  • Resend: If you fail to send a message, you can move the mouse to the texts, and then click the "Resend" icon to resend it again;
  • Forward: Assuming you have received a significant or funny message, and want to share it with your friends, you can choose the "Forward" option to forward it;
  • Copy: Select the message that you need to duplicate, and then select the "Copy" icon. After that, you can paste it anywhere you'd like.

manage android sms on computer

7. Other Things You Can Do with Assistant for Android

  • It enables users to take screenshots on Android phone and then save them to computer directly;
  • It empowers you to back up and restore Android device in one tap. The supported file types include Apps, contacts, call logs, messages, music, photos, videos and books;
  • You can use this program to manage multiple Android devices at the same time.

win android sms manager mac android sms manager

Part 2: Other 9 Recommended Android SMS Manager

Here are 9 other tested Android SMS manager applications/software worth trying. It's easy to get a basic understanding of their key features, prices, ratings, etc by reading the following content. OK, let's get started now.

Top 2 SMS Manager for Android - Textra SMS

Main features of Textra SMS:

- Slide to delete, to call, and offer quick snap camera.

- Multi-select picture gallery, quick reply SMS popup, great MMS group messaging.

- Give you the freedom to pause what you're doing.

- Copy partial texts inside a bubble.

- Intuitive interface and fast running.


Cons: Come with ads.

Price: Free/$2.99 per month.

Rating: 4.5

sms manager for android like textra sms

Check if You Need:

Top 3 Android SMS Manager - SMS Organizer

Main features of SMS Organizer:

- Organize inbox, sets reminders, and saving battery with "dark theme".

- Reply to messages directly from the notification drawer.

- Empower you to filter down to see only your unread messages.

- Forward bills to any contacts.

- Auto-backup keeps SMS safe.


Cons: No special features.

Price: Free.

Rating: 4.4

android text message manager like sms organizer

Top 4 Android Message Manager - chomp SMS

Main features of chomp SMS:

- Scheduled SMS sender and mass texting.

- Stop a text while sending.

- Offer a passcode lock that serves as an SMS blocker.

- Can be used for SMS backup.

- Change notification LED colors, ringtones, and vibrate patterns.


Cons: Doesn't offer free international messaging.

Price: Free.

Rating: 4.4

android message manager as chomp sms

Top 5 Android Text Message Manager - Pulse SMS

Main features of Pulse SMS:

- Automated replies based on contacts and keywords.

- Automatic message backup and restore feature.

- Delayed sending to give you time to edit or cancel SMS.

- Share GIFs along with your messages.

- Password protected, private conversations.


Cons: Lack adequate support.

Price: Free/$0.99 per month.

Rating: 4.4

android sms manager like puls sms

Top 6 Android Message Manager - QKSMS

Main features of QKSMS:

- Ad-free and open source.

- Offer per-contact notifications.

- Deliver a search box to find items easier.

- Enable you to block conversations and manage your blacklist.

- Easy to back up and restore.


Cons: No location sharing option.

Price: Free & optional in-app purchases.

Rating: 4.3

sms manager for android like qksms

Top 7 Android SMS Manager - Yaata SMS

Main features of Yaata SMS:

- Send and receive pictures, videos, audio, vCards, GIFs, etc.

- Delivery reports for both SMS and MMS.

- Group chats and send delay.

- Scheduled message sending.

- Auto forward and auto responder.

- Back up and restore settings.


Cons: Many features are only available to advanced users.

Price: Free with in-app purchases.

Rating: 4.2

android text message manager like yaata sms

Top 8 SMS Manager for Android - Messages

Main features of Messages:

- Share photos and send emojis

- Assign special message tones for certain contacts.

- Message anyone from anywhere with the reliability of texting.

- Send texts in groups, and share pictures, GIFs, emoji, stickers, videos, etc.

- Send & block text messages as needed.

- Text message backup & restore.


Cons: Screaming loud ads, and other intrusive image ads.

Price: Free.

Rating: 4.1

android message manager like messages

See Also:

Top 9 Message Manager for Android - Key Messages

Main features of Key Messages:

- Clean & simple interface with SMS search box.

- Automatic spam filter.

- Back up and restore without duplication.

- Also work for MMS sending and receiving.

- Mark important messages as "Starred" to gather them into a folder.


Cons: Cannot be used to group messaging and GIF attachments.

Price: Free.

Rating: 4.1

sms manager for android like key messages

Top 10 Android Text Message Manager - Mood Messenger

Main features of Mood Messenger:

- Typing indicator and real timer caller ID.

- Easy & fast messaging from the "After Call Screen".

- Schedule messages, group texts, and delay sending.

- Spam blocking to blacklist pesky messages.

- Pin essential conversations at the top of the list.


Cons: Cannot change notification alerts on some Android devices.

Price: Free or $1.99 per month.

Rating: 3.9

android text message manager like mood messenger

Round Off

All in all, as we can see clearly from the above, the best Android SMS manager - MobiKin Assistant for Android, combines the advantages of other 9 tools, and offers a simply, fun, affordable and not to mention safe ways of SMS management. Performing any SMS tasks with its appealing and exciting options can certainly bring you top-notch user experience. And bundling with no ads and running on an off-line environment to keep Android data privacy. It, definitely, is your best bet.

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