Top 11 CX File Explorer Alternatives to Manage Android Data Easily

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CX File Explorer is an Android app that simplifies file management with its ultra-simple interface. This utility offers features like cloud storage integration, remote file access, compression, media preview, storage analysis, and file encryption. However, it also has some drawbacks, including occasional ads, limited features in its free trial, privacy concerns, compatibility issues, and reported challenges with customer support, according to CX File Explorer reviews.

Therefore, are there any CX File Explorer alternatives for Android owners? OK, this article will present you with 11 similar but better products.

Top 1: Best CX File Explorer Alternative - Assistant for Android

A good Android device management software should have other advantages in addition to allowing users to complete flexible and efficient data management on a more convenient platform like a computer. For example, it can allow data to be transferred between different platforms or support lossless data backup and restore.

From a professional and efficient point of view, MobiKin Assistant for Android (Windows and Mac) is your first choice, as a widely recognized tool, it is the most anticipated CX File Explorer replacement.

Staple Features of MobiKin Assistant for Andriod:

  • Best CX File Explorer to transfer data between Android and PC/Mac smoothly.
  • Back up and restore Android smartphones with clicks.
  • Manage Android contacts, messages, phone calls, media files, apps, documents, etc.
  • Two connection modes (WiFi/USB), free trial, and instant technical support.
  • Compatible with a broad range of Android phones/tablets.
  • Rest assured, your privacy remains intact.

android assistant for win android assistant for mac

How can you manage your Android phone or tablet with MobiKin Assistant for Android?

Before that, run the software after the installation and connect your Android device to the computer. Then, follow the easy prompts to get the phone recognized. Next, see how to manage your Android files with it:

1. Organize Android contacts, SMS, and call logs

Place a checkmark on the "Contacts", "Call logs", or "SMS" menu to manage them accordingly by clicking on the "New", "Delete", "Export", "Import", or "Edit" buttons.

manage android contacts with the best cx file explorer alternative

2. Manipulate Android media files

Check any data types ("Photos", "Videos", "Music", and more.) from the left menu and manage any items according to your requirements by tapping "Add", "Delete", "Export", "Copy", or "Move".

manage android media files

3. Control Android apps

Install, uninstall, or export Android apps on your computer by tapping "Install", "Uninstall", or "Export".

install or uninstall android apps

4. 1-click Android data backup & restore

For a flexible way to back up and restore Android devices, navigate to the "Super Toolkit" section and refer to the simple instructions provided to successfully complete the backup or restoration process.

back up and restore android files with android asisstant

Pricing: Start at $29.95 (Full Version).

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Top 2: Files by Google

Files by Google makes it easy for users to free up space faster. It can be utilized to easily find and share files, save space, and get cleanup suggestions. Further, it lets you share offline without using data, back up data, and clear cache, coupled with features like simple navigation, search, and transfer files to an SD card.

So, keep control of your files and ensure smooth phone performance with this alternative to CX File Explorer after using Bluetooth and WiFi for fast and encrypted connections.

Pricing: Free.

cx file explorer alternative like files by google

Top 3: Total Commander

As a powerful Orthodox File Manager (OFM) for Windows, Total Commander features a built-in FTP client, file compare, archive navigation, and more. This tool is highly rated with network and cloud storage support, plugin integration, bookmarks, and a text editor. Being free with no ads, it is a top choice for Android file management, offering cloud support, plugin integration, and more.

Pricing: Typically around $46.

cx file explorer replacement like total commander

Top 4: Fluent File Explorer

Fluent File Explorer offers seamless file management on Android with a modern design and intuitive navigation. As one of the best file managers for Android, it includes essential features like browsing, copying, and sharing files, along with advanced options such as cloud integration.

The Windows Store version, Windows File Explorer with Fluent Design, provides customizable tints and easy file management. You're allowed to access files from any location and send bug reports or feature requests for prompt assistance.

Pricing: Start from $6.89.

alternative to cx file explorer like fluent file explorer

Further Exploration:

Top 5: Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager is a free, ad-free, open-source Android file manager designed with Material Design guidelines for seamless integration with stock Android. Developed by a team focused on enhancing file management and addressing privacy concerns, this file management tool for Android offers features like junk file analysis, file transfer via high-speed peer-to-peer network, gesture support in media players, and AES standard file encryption.

On top of that, users can customize themes and enjoy root operations on rooted devices with a built-in SQLite viewer.

Pricing: Free.

best file manager for android like amaze file manager

Top 6: Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is a sleek file and cloud manager offering dual-pane browsing for increased productivity. With Material Design and customizable themes, this program stands out in the Play Store. It organizes files into collections, supports drag-and-drop, and includes indexed search and filters for quick access.

With strong AES encryption, it protects selected files in a secure folder accessible only with fingerprint or password confirmation. While lacking a storage analyzer, it provides folder properties for space management and includes a file size filter for searching.

Pricing: Free.

similar apps to cx file explorer like solid explorer

Top 7: Simple File Manager

Simple File Manager is a user-centric Android app for file and folder management. This is one of the similar apps to CX File Explorer, offering features like compression, transfer, and customization of folders. With search, copy & paste, and organization options, it simplifies file tasks. Else, the app is ad-free and open-source, but note that as of December 2023, it's part of the ZipoApps suite and includes ads, no longer open source.

Pricing: Start at $0.67.

file management tools for android like simple file manager

Top 8: File Manager Plus

File Manager Plus is free, fast, and packed with features. This clever tool easily manages files on your device, NAS, and cloud storage. With essential functions like copy, paste, delete, and more, it simplifies file management. You can use it to access content across devices and networks, supporting various media formats, including .apk. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for beginners to navigate and locate files with automatic sorting by type.

Pricing: Free.

cx file explorer competitors like file manager plus

Top 9: Multi Commander

Multi Commander is a customizable file manager for Windows with a dual-panel interface for efficient navigation. This piece offers extensive customization, advanced features like batch renaming and synchronization, and plugin support. With its multi-tabbed layout, this CX File Explorer competitor streamlines daily file tasks, including copy, move, and rename operations.

Special features like auto-unpacking, browsing within archives, and FTP access enhance productivity. Its built-in scripting allows task automation, while keyboard shortcuts facilitate quick operation.

Pricing: Free.

file manager app alternatives like multi commander

Top 10: FX File Explorer

Being a mobile file explorer with a productivity-focused "Home Screen" for easy access, FX File Explorer supports multiple windows, including dual-view mode, and displays folder sizes with "Usage View". This program is a feature-rich Windows file manager with a dual-panel layout, offering basic file operations and advanced features like auto-unpacking and scripting for task automation.

Pricing: Free.

file manager app alternatives like fx file explorer

Top 11: ASTRO File Manager & Cleaner

ASTRO File Manager & Cleaner simplifies file organization, storage management, and backup tasks for over 150 million users worldwide. It organizes, backs up, and cleans your files and phone memory, offering easy navigation, folder management, and secure backups to both SD cards and cloud storage. Further, this file manager app alternative lets you manage multiple cloud accounts and offers File Protector for securing sensitive files.

Pricing: Free.

cx file explorer alternative like astro file manager and cleaner

Conclusion - How to Pick the Best Android File Manager?

These are the 11 alternatives to CX File Explorer that we have mentioned today, and here are 7 factors that may help you choose the right tool for you:

  • User Interface: Look for an intuitive design.
  • Performance: Ensure it's fast and stable.
  • Ads: Consider if they disrupt usability.
  • Privacy: Verify its security measures.
  • Compatibility: Confirm it works with your device.
  • Reviews: Read feedback from other users.
  • Support: Check for updates and customer service availability.
  • Additional Features: Functions like data backup and restore.

With the above factors in mind, it's clear that MobiKin Assistant for Android deserves to be included in your top choice as a tool for managing your Android phone. Download it now and try it out now.

android assistant for win android assistant for mac

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