5 Widely-used Methods to Transfer Photos from Mac to Samsung Galaxy Quickly

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Samsung is one of the few mobile phone brands that optimizes hardware to the hilt. Arguably, it is comparable to Apple doing the same for Macs and iDevices. A Mac, you know, unlike a PC, doesn't work nicely with Samsung running Android OS.

Well, if you want to transfer photos from Mac to Samsung, the machine will not allow you to directly set up your phone as a storage unit. Nevertheless, there are some ways to simplify this procedure. OK, we will come up with how to transfer photos from Mac to Samsung in 5 reliable techniques. Let's dig deeper now.

how to transfer photos from mac to samsung

Option 1: How to Transfer Photos from Mac to Samsung via Assistant for Android

There are many tools for Android data transfer, but few of them are cost-effective. MobiKin Assistant for Android (Mac and Win) is an example of practicality and affordability.

It is shipped with three core features, including 1-click data backup & restore, Android data transmission, and phone management. You just need to create a simple connection (via USB or Wi-Fi) between any Android phone and PC/Mac. Then you can let the intimate expert complete any tasks based on your requests.

Overview of MobiKin Assistant for Android:

  • Transfer photos from Mac to Samsung in a flexible manner.
  • Easily copy data from Android to Mac/PC.
  • Work for such files as contacts, photos, videos, books, text messages, music, apps, etc.
  • Back up and restore Android phones/tablets in one tap.
  • Let you preview and manage various Android files on a computer directly.
  • Apply to practically all Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy S22/S21/S20/S10/S9/S8/S7/S6/S5, Galaxy Note 20/Note 10/Note 9/Note 8/Note 7/Note 6, Galaxy A51/A71/M20, Galaxy Tab series, etc.
  • It won't disclose your privacy.

android assistant for mac android assistant for win

How to transfer photos from Mac to Samsung phone/tablet with MobiKin Assistant for Android?

Step 1. Connect Samsung to Mac

Install and run the program on your Mac after the download. Connect your Samsung device to the computer via USB. You'll be asked to enable USB debugging on Samsung device. Just do it when prompted. Then the software will recognize your phone.

main screen of assistant for android

Step 2. Select any photos for migrating

Choose "Photos" > "Camera"/"Library" from the left of the screen. Next, go for "Add" and pick the photos you wish to transfer to Samsung from your Mac.

how to transfer photos from mac to samsung with assistant for android

Step 3. Transfer photos from Mac to Samsung

After the selection, confirm the action by clicking "Open". The Mac to Samsung photo transfer will kick-start at once.

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Option 2: How to Transfer Photos from Mac to Samsung Galaxy via Android File Transfer

As a Mac application with AFT tech designed by Google, Android File Transfer lets you copy data between Android and Mac running macOS X 10.7 and newer. Here's how to copy photos from Mac to Samsung with Android File Transfer.

  • Install Android File Transfer on a Mac after the download.
  • Run it to add AFT to your Mac apps.
  • Connect Samsung to the computer with an applicable USB cable.
  • Choose to conduct "media transfer" from the notification tray to have your phone recognized.
  • connected as a media device

  • When it displays the phone's file system, locate the photos you want from Mac.
  • Transfer the chosen pictures to Android by copying and pasting. (Android File Transfer not working on Mac?)

transfer photos from mac to samsung galaxy with android file transfer

Option 3: How to Transfer Photos from Mac to Samsung Tablet/Phone with Image Capture

Image Capture gives you the option to check the thumbnail preview of your photos. With the in-built Mac app, you can also transfer media files from Samsung or any digital device to Mac, and vice versa. It's pretty easy to use, but it isn't efficient as you might expect.

How to transfer pictures from Mac to Samsung with Image Capture?

  • Make sure Image Capture is installed on your Mac.
  • Attach your Samsung phone to the Mac via a USB cord.
  • Launch Image Capture from the Applications folder.
  • Select Samsung under "Devices" and choose your wanted pics.
  • Click "Export" (Or you can tap "Export All" if you need to copy all photos across.)
  • Choose the destination you want to save on Samsung.
  • All the transferred images will be stored with green checkmarks.

transfer photos from mac to samsung tablet or phone via image capture

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Option 4: How to Transfer Photos from Mac to Galaxy S20/S10/S9/S8 via AirDroid

By utilizing the AirDroid's web interface, you're free to transfer your wanted photos from your Mac to your Samsung phone. It can turn your Samsung camera into a spy widget. However, it has limited features for data copy and may put your privacy on Samsung at risk.

Besides, AirDroid can be used to mirror an Android phone on a Mac wirelessly. (see the best screen mirroring apps for Android to PC)

How to move photos from Mac to Samsung with AirDroid?

  • Download AirDroid on Samsung.
  • Install and open it before setting up an account.
  • Select "AirDroid Web", followed by "Scan QR Code".
  • Go to AirDroid Web on your Mac and sign in to your new account.
  • Use your Samsung Galaxy phone to scan the code on the web.
  • This will help create a connection between Samsung and Mac.
  • Once done, please check the name of your device from the right of the page.
  • Next, go to "File" under the toolbox to choose the pictures you'd like to transfer.
  • Confirm the action to trigger the transfer.

transfer photos from mac to samsung via airdroid

Option 5: How to Transfer Photos from Mac to Samsung by Bluetooth

Would you like to copy pics to Samsung from Mac without downloading a program? Well, Bluetooth gives you the ability to do it nicely if you just need to handle a small number of photos. Before the transfer, please set up Bluetooth sharing options and keep the devices close to each other.

How to transfer photos from Mac to Samsung Galaxy S22/S21/S20/S10/S9/S8/S7 over Bluetooth?

  • On Samsung, go to its "Settings" > "Bluetooth" under the "Device Connection" tab.
  • On your Mac, head to "System Preferences" > enable "Bluetooth".
  • Make a connection between them by clicking "Pair". (Ensure the pairing code matches both devices).
  • transfer photos from mac to samsung galaxy by bluetooth

  • Choose the photos on your Mac before marking "Bluetooth" as the sharing mode on the screen.
  • Make sure to set up your Samsung phone as the target device.
  • Go for "Accept" on Samsung to receive the chosen files.

The Bottom Line

With the end of the last method, this passage comes to an end now. For those who merely want to copy a handful of photographs, any approach is worth trying. But if you need to transfer tons of photos, MobiKin Assistant for Android is an optimal assistant for you in terms of its convenience, transmission efficiency, and even security.

android assistant for mac android assistant for win

Furthermore, the next time you intend to manage your Samsung photos, contacts, text messages, etc., or perform a complete backup of Galaxy, it is right there waiting to work for you.

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