Top 11 Ways to Fix Samsung Galaxy Tab S Frozen Won't Turn Off [Tested]

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"I forgot the PIN, and it wants my tablet to turn off, and pressing and holding the "volume down and power" buttons just restarts it. I need to factory reset it, but it needs to be off for that. Why won't my Samsung tablet turn off?" -- from Quora


Hi, every Samsung tablet user! If you've found yourself here grappling with the frustrating challenge of "Samsung tablet won't turn off" as above, worry not - you're not alone. In this easy guide, we address this common issue head-on, offering not just one but eleven effective solutions to resolve the persistent problem.

Our exploration spans through various troubleshooting techniques, encompassing both practical and software-driven approaches. But before that, let's uncover the underlying reasons causing this dilemma.


Part 1: Why Won't My Tablet Turn Off

  • Memory Overload: If the tablet's memory is overloaded with running apps or background processes, it may struggle to shut down.
  • Corrupted System Files: If system files are corrupted, it can interfere with the shutdown process.
  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Interference: Connectivity issues with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth may sometimes prevent the tablet from turning off.
  • Screen Overlay or Accessibility Settings: Certain accessibility settings or screen overlay apps may interfere with the shutdown process.
  • Security Software Interference: Overly aggressive security software may prevent normal shutdown procedures.
  • Incorrect Button Combination: Incorrectly pressing buttons during the shutdown process may lead to difficulties.
  • Pending Background Processes: Background processes or pending updates might be preventing the tablet from shutting down.
  • Hardware Issue: Errors may arise from damaged hardware, such as malfunctioning SD cards.

Part 2: Fix "Samsung Tablet Won't Turn off" with Android Repair [Most Efficient]

"My Samsung tablet won't turn off, and I want to get out of the trouble in minutes?" Try Android Repair! This is a highly intelligent software that serves as the optimal solution. While you face difficulties in restoring your tablet's functionality, many individuals in similar circumstances have successfully utilized this program to get it resolved effortlessly.

Distinguished as one of the rare tools in the market capable of fixing nearly all Android system issues, this utility has undergone extensive testing by millions of users, solidifying its position as a comprehensive repair tool for Android.

Main Highlights of Android Repair:

> Quickly troubleshoot Samsung tablet won't turn off without effort.

> Resolve Android system to normal with a high success rate, working for Apps keep crashing, Android phone keeps turning off, Android stuck in a boot loop, Samsung black screen of death, etc.

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> It won't disclose your privacy.

download the android repair


How to fix "Samsung tablet won't turn off " effectively with Android Repair:

Step 1. Run Android Repair

Install and launch this product on your computer after downloading it for free. Click "System Repair" and connect your Samsung tablet to the computer using a USB cable.

go to the system repair tab

Step 2. Get into the "Repair" window

Select "Android Repair" on the screen, and click "Start" to initiate the troubleshooting process for various Android problems.

pick the android repair section

Step 3. Confirm your entered info

Enter your device information and click "Next". Enter "000000" in the provided field and click "Confirm". Note that Android Repair may erase data on the device. So, you'd better back up your Android tablet before proceeding.

confirm the entered information

Step 4. Place the tablet in download mode

Case 1: For devices with a "Home" button, turn it off and press "Sprint, Home, Power, and Volume Down" for 10 seconds. Release all and hold "Volume Up".

enter download mode on samsung with home button

Case 2: For devices without a "Home" button, power off the device and press "Power, Bixby, and Volume Down" for 10 seconds. Release all and tap "Volume Up".

enter download mode on samsung without home button

Step 5. Fix Samsung tablet won't turn off

Once in download mode, click "Next" to download the firmware. Finally, the automatic repair will commence. Afterward, you can boot up your Galaxy tablet as usual.

fix samsung tablet wont turn off with android repair

Part 3: Other 10 Quick Fixes to Samsung Galaxy Tablet Won't Turn Off

Solution 1: Replug the battery

For devices with removable batteries, forcefully power off by removing and reinserting the battery. Wait briefly, restart the device, and check for issues. If battery problems persist, consider a replacement.

replug the battery

Solution 2: Update software

It's conceivable that your "Samsung Galaxy tablet won't turn off" due to an outdated software version. To resolve this issue, ensure your device is current by following these steps:

  • Navigate to "Settings" and select "Software Update".
  • Tap "Download and Install. If updates are available, install them promptly.

Solution 3: Try device maintenance

  • Open the "Settings" application on your tablet, then select the "Device Maintenance" option.
  • From there, you can optimize your tablet using the provided options on the subsequent screen.

try device maintenance

Solution 4: Free up storage on your Samsung Tab

If your Samsung tablet is unresponsive and won't turn on/off, insufficient memory space might be the cause. To address this issue, follow the guide:

  • Navigate to "Settings" on your Samsung device.
  • Select "Device Maintenance" or "Device Care".
  • After the scan completes, click on "Storage".
  • Tap "Clean Now" to free up space on Samsung.

Solution 5: Boot Samsung tablet into Safe Mode

  • Hold down the power button until the "Power Off" menu appears.
  • Long-press that button until the "Safe mode" option shows up.
  • Select the "Safe mode" option.
  • boot samsung tabet into safe mode

  • If the problem resolves in this mode, it indicates an app is causing it.
  • Exit safe mode and remove unwanted apps from your tablet.

Solution 6: Quit or uninstall apps

  • Navigate to "Settings", tap on "Apps", and scroll through the list to find the problematic app.
  • Open additional options by tapping on the app, then select "Force Stop".
  • If the app continues to freeze, you may want to uninstall or disable it.

Solution 7: Factory reset Samsung in Recovery Mode

If the earlier solution fails to resolve Galaxy Tab S frozen won't turn off, consider a factory reset to reset the Samsung tablet, but be aware of potential data loss and settings reset:

  • Simultaneously hold the "volume down, home, and power" key.
  • Release all keys, then quickly press and release the "power" key upon seeing the Samsung logo.
  • factory reset tablet in recovery mode

  • "Installing system update" will appear for up to a minute, followed by the Android logo.
  • Use "volume down" to select "wipe data/factory reset" and hit "power" to confirm.
  • Select "Yes - delete all user data" with the volume key and confirm with the "power" key.
  • When the process finishes, "reboot system now" will be highlighted. Press the "power" key to restart the device.

You can try to factory reset your tablet from "Settings" if it functions as it should. Quick Guide: Begin by navigating to "Settings" > "General Management" > "Reset" > "Factory Data Reset". Confirm your selection by clicking on "Reset" again. This action will initiate the process of restoring your device to its factory settings, so ensure that you have backed up important data before proceeding.


Solution 8: Wipe the cache partition

  • Turn off your tablet. Press and hold the "Home, Power, and Volume Up" buttons simultaneously until you see the "Recovery" menu.
  • Scroll through the menu via the "Volume Down" button and pick "wipe cache partition" with the "Power" key.
  • wipe cache partition to fix samsung tablet not turning off

  • Confirm by selecting "Yes". Afterward, press the "Power" button to choose "Reboot device".

Solution 9: Force restart the tablet

  • If your Samsung tablet is frozen, restart it by holding the "Power and Volume down" buttons for over 7 seconds.
  • When unsuccessful, force a shutdown by holding the "Power" button for up to two minutes.
  • Wait one minute, then power on. If the buttons don't work, let the battery drain, charge for 30 minutes, and restart.

Solution 10: Test using the Samsung Members app

If your Samsung tablet still won't turn off, conduct a health check using Samsung Members. This assessment will examine your device's condition and provide suggestions for enhancements.

  • Launch the Samsung Members app.
  • Select "Get help", followed by "Automatic checks".
  • Samsung Members will perform checks on your device.

If you encounter unusual behavior on Samsung tablets, utilize the Samsung Members app to submit an error report or pose a question. This enables Samsung to investigate the issue more closely. The data is anonymized and retained only for the duration of the investigation.


Conclusion - Extra Tips to Keep Samsung Tablet Functioning as Usual

On the whole, we navigated through potential culprits and troubleshooting tips for Samsung tablet not turning off. You can now deal with the challenge at your disposal. By the end of this guide, we shall come up with some strategies that might help your phone work as it should:

  • Screen Cleaning: Keep the screen clean with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • Avoid Overcharging: Unplug the tablet after reaching a full charge.
  • Use Original Accessories: Use genuine charging cables and accessories.
  • Close Unused Apps: Close background apps to conserve resources.
  • Safe Downloading: Download apps only from reputable stores.
  • Factory Reset (When Necessary): Consider a factory reset as a last resort, with data backup.
  • Adjust Display Settings: Optimize display brightness and screen timeout.
  • Check for Rogue Apps: Review recent installations and uninstall suspicious apps.
  • Network Connection: Maintain a stable network connection.
  • Back Up Your Data: Periodically back up important tablet files.

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