How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Samsung? Top 7 Ways Here

As you acquire a new Samsung device, the last thing you'd prefer is the inconvenience of initiating everything anew - reinstalling apps, configuring settings, and transferring files onto your fresh gadget. You may find it more convenient to transfer data from Samsung to Samsung, conserving both time and effort. This holds particularly true when safeguarding crucial contacts or cherished photos that you're determined not to part with from your old phone. OK, this article will help you accomplish this task quickly in a variety of ways.

transfer data from samsung to samsung

Way 1: How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Samsung with Transfer for Mobile

Looking for an efficient solution to flawlessly copy data between mobile phones? Don't hesitate to give MobiKin Transfer for Mobile (Win and Mac) a try. This versatile software offers a comprehensive manner for effortlessly copying items between any two mobile devices, even when handling large files. Rest assured, it won't unexpectedly falter or jeopardize the quality and privacy of your data during the transfer process.

Why pick MobiKin Transfer for Mobile?

  • Seamless: Transfer data from Samsung to Samsung without error.
  • All-around: Copy files from Android to Android, Android to iPhone, iPhone to iPhone, and iPhone to Android.
  • Robust: Expertly move files between devices, including contacts, text messages, music, videos, photos, call logs, documents, apps, and more.
  • Well-Adapted: Work well with practically all Android/iOS devices, containing Samsung Galaxy S23/S22/S21/S20/S10/S9/S8/S7/S6/S5, Galaxy Note 21/Note 20/Note 10/Note 9/Note 8/Note 7/Note 6, Tab S series, etc.
  • Trustworthy: Ensure good results while respecting your privacy.

win version of transfer for mobile mac version of transfer for mobile

How to transfer data from Samsung to Samsung with Mobile Transfer for Mobile?

Step 1: Launch the Samsung Transfer Software

To begin, initiate the Transfer for Mobile program on your computer, ensuring it has been downloaded and installed. The program's primary interface will resemble the image below.

launch mobikin transfer for mobile

Step 2: Connect Your Samsung Phones to Your Computer

Using USB cables, establish a connection between your computer and the two devices. Next, enable USB debugging on Samsung to let the tool identify both. If you've inadvertently switched the source and destination devices, simply click the "Flip" button to correct their positions.

transfer data from samsung to samsung via transfer for mobile

Step 3: Initiate Data Transfer from Old Samsung to New Samsung

After completing the previous setup, choose the specific data types you wish to transfer, then click the "Start Copy" button. This will immediately commence the process of Samsung to Samsung data transfer.

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Way 2: How to Transfer Samsung to Samsung by Copy & Paste [Limited Data Types]

You can use a direct, offline method to transfer data between Samsung devices, similar to a copy-paste approach. However, it's limited to specific data types, mainly media files, and doesn't require Wi-Fi or an Internet connection.

How to transfer data from old Samsung to new Samsung by copy & paste?

  • Connect the old Samsung phone to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Access "This Computer" and locate your connected device, which will be listed under "Devices and drives".
  • Identify the folders or files you wish to transfer, right-click them, and choose the "Copy" option.
  • Proceed to the destination folder on your computer where you'd like to store the data.
  • Then right-click and select "Paste". Alternatively, you can drag and drop the files to your preferred location.
  • Next, establish a connection between your new device and your computer.
  • Open the storage folder associated with the new Samsung device.
  • Locate the folders or files that you recently moved from your old device on your computer.
  • Right-click on them and select "Copy", then paste them into the folder on the recipient.

how to transfer samsung to samsung by copy and paste

Way 3: How to Transfer Files from Samsung to Samsung via Smart Switch

Samsung provides a specialized app to simplify the process of transferring data between Samsung and other Android devices. Starting with the Galaxy S6, this app comes preloaded on Samsung phones. It facilitates the transfer of various data types, including photos, videos, music, contacts, call logs, bookmarks, messages, notes, and more.

How to transfer data from Samsung to Samsung wirelessly with Smart Switch?

  • To start, ensure that the Smart Switch app is installed on both phones and have them connected to their chargers.
  • When you're prepared, position the phones within a proximity of 4 inches from each other.
  • Initiate Smart Switch on both phones. Access "Settings", locate Smart Switch, and select "Bring data from the old device".
  • Confirm your choice by tapping "Bring data from the old device" again.
  • On the old phone, choose "Send data" and then select "Wireless". (Does Smart Switch need Wi-Fi?)
  • choose to connect samsung phones wirelessly

  • On your new phone, tap "Receive data", opt for "Galaxy/Android", and then select "Wireless".
  • Next, finalize the connection by tapping "Allow" on the old phone. On your new phone, pick the content you wish to transfer, and then tap "Transfer".
  • Once the transfer is finished, tap "Close" on the new phone, and you're ready to proceed.

how to transfer data from samsung to samsung wirelessly via smart switch

Deeper Exploration:

Way 4: How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy by Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a widely available method for transferring small files between Samsung phones. While it's not the fastest option and has limitations, it's still a convenient way to move a few files between Samsung devices within a range of 100 meters.

How to transfer data to new phone Samsung with Bluetooth?

  • Activate Bluetooth on both Samsung devices through the Settings menu or the notification screen.
  • Establish a connection between the two Samsung phones by selecting the name of the target device and confirming the pairing on both devices.
  • On the older device, indicate the specific data files you wish to transfer and then tap the "Share" icon.
  • A menu will pop up on the screen, offering a variety of sharing options, including Bluetooth.
  • Select Bluetooth from the menu, and a list of available devices will be displayed.
  • how to transfer data to new phone samsung by bluetooth

  • Choose the new Samsung device from the list, which will then appear on your screen, ready for the transfer.
  • On the new Samsung phone, accept the incoming files, and the selected data will begin transferring automatically. (Can I share apps via Bluetooth on Android?)

Way 5: How to Transfer Data to New Phone Samsung via NFC

Enabling NFC on a Samsung device provides a handy feature for transferring photos, videos, apps, and contacts between Samsung phones. NFC allows for quick data exchange. However, it requires the devices to be placed in close proximity to each other for the transfer to occur.

How to transfer from Samsung to Samsung using NFC?

  • Enable the NFC feature by accessing the "Settings" app.
  • Then select the "More Settings" option. Find the NFC feature and switch it on.
  • how to transfer data from old samsung to new samsung with nfc

  • Position the rear sides of both phones in close proximity, holding them together until you hear the confirmation sound signifying that the two devices are now linked.
  • Locate the data you wish to send on your phone.
  • The device will present the "Touch to Beam" feature on the screen.
  • Tap it to initiate the data transfer. Once the process is finished, you'll receive a notification confirming the successful file transfer.

To successfully transfer data via NFC, ensure that both the sending and receiving devices have NFC enabled. Hold the devices close together, typically back-to-back, and be patient during the transfer process. It may take a few moments for the data transfer to initiate, so keep the devices in close proximity until the transfer is complete.


Way 6: How to Transfer Everything from Samsung to Samsung via SHAREit

Transferring data manually can be complex, but a third-party app can simplify the process. SHAREit is a fast, free option compatible with all Samsung devices and versions. However, as depicted by SHAREit reviews, it requires Bluetooth or a Hotspot for connectivity, meaning the devices must be nearby. Connecting both devices might be slXQightly challenging for non-technical users.

How to transfer Samsung to Samsung with SHAREit?

  • Download and install SHAREit on both Samsung phones from the Google Play Store.
  • Run the app on both devices. On your old Samsung phone, tap "Send" in the top left corner to select the data you want to share.
  • After selecting the data, tap "Next" to initiate the transfer.
  • On the target phone, tap "Receive" to be detected.
  • how to transfer everything from samsung to samsung via shareit

  • Ensure the devices are in close proximity to prevent interruptions during the transfer.

Prioritize organizing your files on the sending device to make the transfer process smoother. In Addition, grouping similar files together or creating folders can help you select and transfer everything more efficiently.


Way 7: How to Transfer Data from Old Samsung to New Samsung over Email

It's common knowledge that you can utilize email services like Gmail, Yahoo, or others to send various types of files, including media content. Although this method comes with file size restrictions, it remains one of the most straightforward ways to exchange files between two Samsung phones.

How to transfer data from Samsung to Samsung by Email?

  • Launch your Gmail or preferred email application on your Samsung phone and compose a new email.
  • You can choose whether to send it to your current email address or another one.
  • Select the "Attach file" option and find the files you wish to transfer from one Samsung phone to another.
  • samsung to samsung data transfer via email

  • Be aware that files larger than 25MB may not be sent via email.
  • After sending the email containing the intended files, access your email application on the receiving device and download the files.

Last Words

In conclusion, the key takeaway is that, regardless of your specific needs or preferences, there's a solution that aligns perfectly with your data transfer requirements. This article has unveiled a diverse array of methods for transferring data from one Samsung device to another.

Among them, the first three methods all work with wired connections (among which the Smart Switch supports both wired and wireless connections), but regarding operational difficulty and transmission efficiency, MobiKin Transfer for Mobile is the most worthy of being entrusted with the task. Plus, other approaches may not have advantages in terms of transmission stability and satisfactory results, in part because they use wireless connections.

win version of transfer for mobile mac version of transfer for mobile

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