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Alternative Tools to Titanium Backup

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Titanium Backup which has been around for many years now is a popular Android application that is used to back up and restore data only on rooted devices. Apart from backing up and restoring data, the Titanium Backup tool also has the ability to move apps to and from the SD card, delete leftover data files especially from uninstalled applications and remove crapware among other incredible functions.

Despite these beneficial functions, Titanium Backup cannot be used on unrooted devices and has various features that may be confusing to inexperienced Android users. In this article, you will discover various unique Android titanium backup alternative tools that you can use to backup and restore any available data on your Android smartphone or tablet devices.

Best Titanium Backup Alternative Tool - MobiKin Assistant for Android

MobiKin Assistant for Android (Windows/Mac) can be your top one choice when you wish to find an alternative tool to Titanium backup program. It is a desktop application, that allows users to backup all kinds of data like contacts, text messages, apps, photos, music, etc. on their Android phones to computer with zero quality losing. And you can also import the backup files to your Andorid devices as you like. What's more, it provide users with two different connecting methods: USB cable or WiFi, and it has no requirement of your Android devices. That means no matter your Android phone is rooted or not, you can use the program to backup Android data easily. Below is a detailed video tutorial to show you how to perform this program easily.

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Top 6 Alternatives to Titanium Backup You Can't Miss

1. GCloud Backup

This is a free Android alternative tool to Titanium Backup that can be used to backup videos, music, SMS, call logs, apps and photos easily to the cloud. You are initially required to create a free GCloud account where you are provided with an expandable 1 GB free backup space. Just like most of the available backup tools, GCloud Backup provides you with the ability to set automatic updates hence automating the entire data storage process.

The GCloud Amazon AWS cloud storage locker is fully secured with a 256-bit encryption technology that requires you to set up a password that is associated with your personal email to access it.

2. Ultimate Backup

Ultimate Backup which is provided either as a free or paid ($2.99) app is an Android backup tool that allows you to store your information both locally and in the cloud. To backup your device settings and data using the app, you are first required to root your smartphone or tablet. Apart from allowing you to backup and restore your apps or app data on your rooted and unrooted device, the Ultimate Backup tool also has an inbuilt task killer and uninstaller. And it also allows you to easily backup your call logs, apps, apps settings and data, SMS, calendars, photos, music and videos using this beneficial app.

3. My Backup

My Backup has a Pro version ($3.99) and a free version, which is considered to be the only real competition to the Titanium Backup Android app. Unlike Titanium Backup, the My Backup Android app does not entirely require you to root your device to benefit from its services as it can also be used on non-rooted devices. The My Backup Android app allows you to store applications, app data or media either to your android device's internal storage or to the Rerware cloud servers.

4. Helium

Helium is an Android backup tool that allows device users to store their contacts, SMS, data, call logs and apps to cloud storage services, PC or the SD card. If your device is not rooted you are required to first install an additional desktop program for you to benefit from the Android app. By purchasing the premium version ($4.99) you will benefit from the app's ad-free services, cloud uploading of backups and backup scheduling features. And you can use this program to sync data between multiple devices directly.

5. Super Backup

Super Backup which is also provided either as a free or paid ($1.99) app is a beneficial alternative tool to Titanium Backup that can be used to backup and restore android apps, settings and phone data to PC, phone internal storage, SD card, Google Drive and Gmail. One particular thing that makes Super Backup to stand out from the rest of the android backup tools is the fact that all its features are still provided in the free version and the only benefit of having the paid version is the lack of ads.

6. App Backup & Restore

As the name suggests this Android tool can only be used to back up and restore Android applications. Apart from allowing you to back up and restore your favorite apps, this tool also makes it possible for you to share your apps between multiple devices through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. App Backup & Restore doesn't work with "Superuser" permissions that are only accessed on rooted devices, hence; can only backup APK files minus application data.


All the Titanium Backup alternative tools provided above can be used to backup your private data, favorite media and information for safe keeping. Accidents are prone to happen and it is considered wise to always prepare yourself for any potential disaster.

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