Top 10 Photo Recovery Apps for Android for You [Worth Trying]

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The latest Android smartphones have cameras comparable to digital SLRs, making mobile photography increasingly popular. However, managing these photos can be challenging. Accidental deletion without backup is common, and recovering lost photos becomes crucial. Unlike computers, Android devices lack a recycle bin for temporary storage of deleted photos, so a reliable photo recovery app is essential.

In this post, we've listed the top 10 best photo recovery apps for Android to recover deleted pictures on Android phones and tablets. Read through to find the best photo recovery app for your needs.

best photo recovery app for android

Top 1: Best Photo Recovery App for Android - Doctor for Android

Compared to the Android photo recovery app, We prefer the desktop version because it's faster, safer, and offers more practical features. MobiKin Doctor for Android (including its Mac version) is the best option, allowing easy recovery of deleted data like contacts, messages, photos, call history, videos, and audio. It supports almost all Android devices, including the ones with the most recent operating systems.

What can MobiKin Doctor for Android help you with?

- Supports to recover deleted and lost photos (from internal memory/SD card) in different scenarios.

- Allows you to preview and select your wanted pics before recovering.

- Be able to recover photos, videos, music, call logs, contacts, SMS, and many more.

- Apply to virtually all Android devices and computers.

- High capability of restoring photos to their original state.

- It values your privacy.

android data recovery for win android data recovery for mac


How to retrieve deleted photos on Android using MobiKin Doctor for Android?

Step 1. Install and launch Doctor for Android on your PC or Mac. Then, connect your Android device with the same computer through a USB cable. Enabled USB debugging on your Android device so that it can be detected by the Android photo recovery software.

launch mobikin doctor for android

Step 2. Then, you can select file types for recovery. To recover deleted photos from Android, you should choose the "Photos" option and click the "Next" button at the buttom-right corner. Then, the program will quickly scan your Android photos.

recover lost android photos with mobikin

Step 3. After the scan, you can view the photos in thumbnails. You can toggle on "Only display the deleted item(s)" to locate all the deleted Android photos marked in red. Choose the ones you want back and click the "Recover" button to retrieve the selected photos completely in full size.

For more details about Android photos recovery, you can watch the video below:

This professional and versatile program also lets you recover photos from your SD card. For more details, please check out this article - microSD card recovery: how to recover files from microSD card?


Top 2: Aiseesoft Android Data Recovery

Aiseesoft Android Data Recovery is one of the most recommendable Android photo recovery apps for recovering data from Android devices, handling malware infections and accidental deletions in a simple three-step process. It efficiently recovers data from internal memory, SD cards, and SIM cards, including WhatsApp, media, calls, and SMS. The free version has limited features, while the pro version offers full functionality.


  • Recovers data even in extreme conditions, including factory reset Android.
  • Preview function to selectively recover specific files.
  • Supports Android OS 4.0 and above.
  • Boasts a high recovery success rate.


  • Free version offers limited functionality.
  • Full features require purchase.

photo recovery app for android like android data recovery

Further Reading: How can you recover photos after a factory on your Androd phone? Here's the most reliable methods.

Top 3: Photo Recovery

Photo Recovery, as the name suggests, is a photo recovery app for Android to restore deleted images. This is one of the best recovery app for Android that can retrieve deleted, hidden and lost photos on Android phones without rooting your phone. Photo Recovery is completely free, and provides two different recovery modes for users to choose.

The application also has advanced browsing features that allow you to preview the recovered pictures. You can also use this APP to transfer and upload files between the computer and the Android device; that is to say, you can also create a backup for your Android device on the computer.


  • You can restore photos without rooting the Android phone.
  • Two different recovery modes are provided to meet the different needs of users.
  • A completely free app.


  • The recovery process is very slow and it takes a lot of time to wait.

android photo recovery apps like photo recovery

Top 4: DiskDigger Photo Recovery

As one of the best apps to recover deleted photos, DiskDigger Photo Recovery can recover deleted and lost photos from Android phone memory and SD card. Users can choose to restore the recovered photos to Android devices, or upload and save them to cloud storage services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

This app is not only suitable for Android phones, it can also be used to recover deleted pictures from computers, digital cameras, SD cards, external USB drive, and other devices. The tool has many convenient functions. It is easy to use, free, and has been downloaded more than 5 million times.


  • You can restore pictures without rooting Android devices.
  • Allows you to filter the photos you want to recover based on file size and type.


  • If your Android device is rooted, then you need to perform a deeper scan than a non-rooted device.

best app to recover deleted photos like diskdigger

Note: If you need to recover more than just photos and videos, or require more features, consider upgrading to the pro version of DiskDigger.


Top 5: Dumpster Recycle Bin

Dumpster Recycle Bin is another deleted photo recovery app for Android recovery to retrieve lost pictures. Its function is similar to the recycle bin of our Windows computer. The application interface is intuitive and simple to use, only a few simple steps, you can restore the files or folders you want to regain.

Before recovery, you can preview the file and save or share the recovered data. In addition to photos, this Android data recovery app can also help you recover music, text messages, videos and documents in any format, but it does not support recovery apps.


  • You will not be forced to root the device.
  • No need to connect to the Internet to work.
  • Allows you to use a special lock screen to restrict access, thereby protecting your privacy.


  • If your device is already rooted, you need to spend more time waiting to perform a more in-depth search.
  • It contains ads, and in-app products will cost you some money.

best deleted photo recovery app for android like dumpster

Extended Reading:

Top 6: DigDeep Image Recovery

DigDeep Image Recovery is an excellent restore deleted photos app developed by GreatStuffApps, which can recover photos and images lost in SD cards and internal storage. It can quickly scan the files and folders in the phone to find the lost pictures, and after the scan is complete, show the user a new interface; the interface contains different folders, and each folder contains photos from a specific location.


  • No need to root Android devices.
  • Has a beautiful UI design and is easy to use.
  • This photo recovery for Android can perform in-depth scanning to recover more images.


  • It will work slower with rooted devices as it performs much deeper search options.

best photo recovery app for android free like digdeep image recovery

Top 7: Restore Image

Restore Image is an easy-to-use Android photo recovery application developed by AlpacaSoft. You can install this application directly on your device and then restore deleted images from the Android phone memory or SD card according to your needs. Restore Image has a simple and easy-to-use user interface, making Android photo recovery very easy. Currently, the best-deleted photo recovery app for Android has more than 5 million downloads.


  • Without rooting the device, you can scan the entire device and restore images in JPG and PNG formats.
  • A free application that can be downloaded and installed on your device for free from Google Play.


  • Once you clear the cache files and memory on the device, the application will not be able to restore images.
  • The process of scanning images is relatively slow compared to other applications.

free android picture recovery like restore image

Top 8: Recuva

Recuva is a popular photo recovery application for Android and PC developed by Piriform, now part of Avast. Available in free and paid versions, it supports a wide range of formats and devices, making it easy to scan and view results quickly, though deep scans can be slow.

While it offers features like file wiping, folder structure restoration, and hidden file searching, Recuva lacks advanced options such as RAID, lost partition, and bootable media support. It also doesn't support Apple file systems.


  • Displays health and status of connected storage devices.
  • Offers technical support.
  • Recovers unlimited photos for free.
  • Functional, though limited, preview window.


  • Free version has very limited features.
  • No support for RAID, lost partition recovery, or bootable media.
  • Longer wait times and increased system resource usage.

photo recovery application for android like recuva

Top 9: Undeleter

Undeleter is a free Android picture recovery app for recovering deleted files from internal memory or SD cards. It can restore any data or file types to their original state. Full functionality requires root access, enhancing the efficiency of file recovery.

The app offers three main functions: file recovery (photos, audio, video), data recovery (app data and messages), and secure delete (permanently removing files). It also provides file previews before final recovery and can create backup copies from Dropbox and Google Drive.


  • Provides file previews before final recovery for free.
  • Creates backup copies from Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Can sync to cloud storage.


  • Free version includes annoying ads.
  • Needs a key for easier use.
  • Full functionality requires root access.
  • Photos may not be recoverable or could be compressed during recovery.

photo recovery app for android like undeleter

Top 10: PhotoRec

PhotoRec is a free, open-source photo recovery tool that supports over 500 file formats and works with most storage and imaging devices, including Windows, Apple, and Linux file systems. While this best photo recovery app for Android free excels in versatility and supports the open-source community, it has a complex, outdated interface and lacks high-end features like RAID or NAS support and file repair options.

Ideal for experienced users, PhotoRec relies on file signatures for data recovery, but its usability and support options are limited.


  • Achieves outstanding recovery results through file signature analysis.
  • Allows users to select specific file formats for recovery.
  • Capable of recovering files from over 500 different formats.
  • Features a very minimalistic graphical user interface (GUI).


  • Not particularly user-friendly, which may deter less experienced users.
  • Accessing recovered media can be somewhat complicated.
  • Does not include advanced features.

android photo recovery apps like photorec

The Bottom Line

After reviewing the detailed function introductions and merits and demerits above, which Android photo recovery app would you choose? Personally, I prefer the desktop software MobiKin Doctor for Android because it doesn't take up space on the device, runs smoothly, is stable, and boasts the highest success rate for photo recovery. Observing is convincing; download it immediately and give it a try.

android data recovery for win android data recovery for mac

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