3 Means to Recover Deleted Files from Sony Xperia Z7/Z6/Z5

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"Who can I contact to recover lost data on my Sony Xperia XZ5, when I have tried all the Sony Xperia data recovery software to no avail? It was not backed up."


Data loss of Sony Xperia is a common scenario, as the factors for this situation are sometimes inevitable. And there may be some situations on your Xperia at times. It can be being attacked by some virus, mistakenly deleting files by your kids, suddenly rebooting and crashing, or improperly inserting or unplugging the memory card by yourself, etc.

As for the case (come up by the user from "Quora") that data cannot be recovered without backup, you can find the optimal solution about how to recover deleted files from Sony Xperia Z7/Z6/Z5 without backup (Way 1) by going through this article.

sony xperia data recovery

Way 1: How to Carry out Sony Xperia Data Recovery with Doctor for Android

Once you find that the data is lost, you might as well stop using your Sony Xperia. Because any operations might cause your lost files to be overwritten, and accordingly be lost forever. To improve the odds of success for recovering contacts, photos, videos and other stuff from your Xperia Z7/Z6/Z5/Z4, it is recommended that you find a tried-and-true recovery software with the least possible delay.

Well, MobiKin Doctor for Android (Windows and Mac) can be the optimized option, even if you haven't given your phone a backup before. With a simple download and installation, you can easily fetch the lost data from the internal memory or the SD card of your Sony Xperia XZ5/XZ4/XZ3/XZ2, etc.

Some vital features of this Sony Xperia Recovery Software:

* Safe and easy data recovery for Sony Xperia or other Android devices without backup.

* Scan and retrieve data types, covering pictures, videos, movies, music, call logs, text messages, contacts, and more.

* Can be used to preview the scanned files, so that you can selectively perform Android data recovery.

* Work well on various Android devices with different Android OSes, including Sony Xperia Z7/Z6/Z5/Z4/Z3/Z2/Z1, XZ5/XZ4/XZ3/XZ2/XZ1, X10 (Pro), X10i, X10S, X8, X825a, X8z, R800a, R800at, R800i, Shakira, SK17a, SK17i, SO 01B, SO 01C, SO 01D, as well as Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi, and so on.


Brilliant! Just hit one of the buttons below as required if you are faced with the Xperia data recovery issue.

Let's check out how to recover data from Sony Xperia internal memory or SD card:

Step 1. Install the MobiKin Doctor for Android you've just downloaded, and link your Sony Xperia to computer through a USB cable. Next, launch this smart software and follow the on-screen prompts to get your device connected. After that, you'll get the following interface.

the main interface of mobikin doctor for android

Step 2. Mark the name of the data type(s) and click "Next" for scan. For example, if you need to recover lost text messages from Sony Xperia, you can only tick off "Messages". Once done, this tool will list the specific info as below. You are now allowed to preview the lost/deleted files and then tick off the files to retrieve.

Warm Tips: It is suggested that you root your Sony Xperia for a deep scan if the phone data you need cannot be scanned out.


how to do sony xperia data recovery with doctor for android

Step 3. Click on "Recover" after the selection. Next, choose a local folder to save the recovered data. After the completion, you can check the retrieved files from Sony Xperia XZ5/XZ4/XZ3/XZ2 on computer.

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Way 2: How to Recover Deleted Sony Data from Backup with Xperia Companion

Giving easy access to Sony Xperia and updating apps on it, Xperia Companion can also back up and restore Xperia data like contacts, images, audio and videos, etc. Note that you have to back up the files with it beforehand prior to data retrieving. Plus, you may need at least 80% battery for data recovery, as the tool is a little laggy occasionally.

Here's how to use Xperia Companion to recover files from Sony Xperia Z7/Z6/Z5/Z4/Z3:

Step 1. Download, install and launch the Xperia Companion software on computer. Then attach your Sony Xperia to computer via a USB cord. Later, this program will automatically detect your phone.

Step 2. After the connection, you can click "Restore" from the home screen of this tool. Afterwards, you'll see the backup you've made on the list. Now, opt for backup file(s) and tap "Next".

how to perform sony xperia data recovery with xperia companion

Step 3. Then the interface will show you the specific instructions for Sony Xperia data recovery, just go with the on-screen hints to recover the lost files on your Xperia.

Way 3: How to Recover Deleted Files from Sony Xperia Using Google Drive

The 15GB free space Google Drive provides seems inadequate for users with substantial media files now, and its paid storage subscriptions are not flexible. While concerning Sony Xperia data recovery, also, you have to sync photos, videos, documents, or other files before that.

Here's how to make use of this Sony Xperia recovery tool to restore deleted files on Xperia Mini/Xperia Play/X10:

Step 1. First, make sure the WiFi nearby is stable. Then, enable the WiFi feature on your Sony Xperia and open Google Drive app on it.

Step 2. Log in your Google account to get into the Drive, and then hit "My Drive" > "Backups" to see the available backup list.

Step 3. Just choose the files you want to recover, and click "Download" to get them to your Xperia from Google Drive.

how to do sony xperia data recovery with google drive

Extra Tip: Back Up Sony Xperia to Secure the Data

As the idiom goes, "batten down the hatches". Also, It is a good idea to make a backup for your Xperia regularly to keep yourself in the mood all the time. MobiKin Backup Manager for Android can easily achieve this. Through lots of experiments and improvements, this software has excellent compatibility with Android phones and computers. After you make a connection with a USB cable or WiFi, it is capable of backing up and restoring contacts, messages, call logs, photos, videos, music, documents and apps without worrying about their security.

Now, simple steps to back up Sony Xperia are as follows:

Step 1. Connect Sony Xperia to computer via a USB cable, and then open the installed Android backup and restore software. After the simple recognition, you can opt for "Backup" from the main interface.

launch android backup and restore

Step 2. Select the data types like "Contacts", "Messages", or "Call logs", etc. from the file list and locate a folder on your computer, Then tap "Back Up" at the bottom of the screen to store the selected data on computer.

back up sony xperia to computer

Final Thoughts

What do you think after reading the before-mentioned solutions? Well, I think what they have in common is that they can restore files from Sony Xperia generally. While using Xperia Companion and Google Drive, files need to be backed up in advance. Nevertheless, MobiKin Doctor for Android, with top-of-the-line scanning and searching S&T, can directly restore media files, contacts, SMS, call records, etc. from your Sony Xperia and other Android phones. Wow, isn't it amazing? Now, hopefully, the above methods will resolve your data loss issues.

Finally, advise you to take a backup for your Sony Xperia against a rainy day.

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