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Touch Screen Not Working on Android, How to Fix It?

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Nowadays, almost all the Android mobile phones on the market are touch-screen so it must be a big problem for you that the touch screen of phone does not work, right? But actually, you do not need to consider it too terrible because this problem would be caused by many reasons and you can solve it easily when the problem is not so serious. So if you are willing to make an attempt, you can go with the solutions below to fix touch screen not working on Android.

What Are the Reasons for Android Touch Screen Not Working?

The issue that Android touch screen cannot work can be caused by many different reasons like:

- Your phone is dead due to the heavy load.

- The protector that you have stuck on the screen is too thick.

- The phone screen is damaged badly and unable to recognize your touch.

These are the main reasons of the issue. But sometimes users may not know the reason of the error accurately. In this case, you can still try some simple tips to solve the problem. Just go on to get the solutions.

What to Do When Touch Screen Not Working for Unknown Reasons?

If the touch screen of your phone cannot work without experiencing any physical damage, it is probably caused by software issues. In this case, there are several means you can try to fix the issue.

1. Restart the device

When an error occurs on your phone, the most direct but simplest way to settle the problem is restarting the device. That's because this means can stop all the running applications on your phone which can release the device from heavy load. And the operation is very easy- press down the Power button until the screen gets dark. Then wait a minute and hold down the Power button once again to start the phone.

This way can turn your phone back to normal status at most time.

2. Take out SD card & SIM card

Sometimes the SD card or SIM card on your phone would cause some issues as well. Thus, you can try to:

- Turn off the mobile phone and then remove the back cover of the device to take out the memory and SIM card.

- After that, you can reboot the device and check if the screen is responsive now.

fix android touch screen not working issue

3. Inspect whether there is malware or incompatible application on your phone

Malware or incompatible applications on your phone could affect the phone running as well. Hence, you can boot your phone into Safe mode to see if it runs well in this mode. If it does, you need to delete or uninstall the programs that you have installed on the device recently. Here, to enter the Safe mode on Android phone, you have 2 means:

- Switch off the Android phone and long press the Power button to reboot the phone. Then release the Power button when you see the brand logo of your phone. But immediately, you need to press and hold the Volume Down button until you see a Safe mode indicator at the bottom left corner.

delete malware in safe mode

- Press down the Power button until an options menu shows up. Just long press the Power off option and you will gain a message asks you whether to reboot the device into Safe mode. Just tap on OK.

restart android phone to safe mode

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4. Factory reset Android phone

No matter what kind of Android problems you meet, the most mighty and effective way to settle the issue is to factory reset the device. But meanwhile, it is also your last option since it would erase all the settings and data on your phone. Thus, before performing the resetting process, you'd better backup the wanted files on your Android phone in advance. Then you can:

- Boot your phone into Recovery mode.

- Use Volume buttons to select wipe data/factory reset option from the list and press Power key to confirm that.

android factory reset

How to Deal with Touch Screen with Physical Damage?

Except for the software issue, the Android screen might become unresponsive due to physical damage. When the screen is crashed badly, the only solution to settle the problem is to use a new screen. But if it is just damaged slightly, you can try some free tips first.

1. Test the phone screen

You can check whether the phone screen is available via a diagnostics test at first. To inspect that, you need to:

- Open the phone dial and then enter the specific code to bring the diagnostics tool menu.

Notice: Different Android models have different codes. For example, the code "*#7353#" can be used in most Android smartphones, especially Samsung; most HTC devices need to dial "*#*#3424#*#*"; Sony Xperia should dial "*#*#7378423#*#*"; Motorola device users need to dial "*#0*#", etc.

- Next, select TSP Dot Mode or TSP Grid Mode to test the touch screen. If you choose TSP Dot Mode here, there will be small dots on the screen when you tap on it. But if you elect TSP Grid Mode, you can test every spot of the screen in grid overlay.

solve touch screen not working problem

2. Knock the touch screen

Another useful tip to fix the issue is to knock the touch screen. It sounds like a child's play but this means is tested by many users already. So you can try to knock on every corner of the touch screen gently for a few times. This would help to connect the digitizer cable to the device tightly.

Can I Backup Data from A Non-responsive Android Phone?

During the fixing process, you may lose some data on your phone so you may want to backup the data beforehand. Then it is possible to move the data from a non-responsive Android phone? Yes, it is possible- Broken Android Data Extraction can help you to make the backup easily.

win broken android data extraction mac broken android data extraction

- Connect the damaged Android phone to computer with a USB cable and then open the program.

- Then just elect Broken Android Phone Data Extraction at the top menu.

- Next, click on Start and go with the instructions on the screen to access the device.

restore data from broken android

- After that, you will be asked to choose the name and model of your device. Just tap on the name and model and click Confirm to ensure your option.

- Now you need to go with the prompts to enter the Download mode.

recover data on broken android phone

- Hit Start to begin scanning the files on the device. Once the scanning process is done, you will see the contacts, SMS, WhatsApp history and other files on your phone are listed in the left panel. Just select the folder that you want to backup and click Recover to save them on your computer.

restore broken android data

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