Transfer Data from iPad to Android in 7 Incredible Methods

When you decide to move stuff from your iPad that operates at near capacity to an Android device, you will find many approaches to make the switch. But they may be confusing and even let you get stuck in the process of a task. So, do you want to know how to transfer files from iPad to Android phone easily and smoothly? Well, this step-by-step tutorial will walk you through.

transfer files from ipad to android phone

#1: How to Transfer Files from iPad to Android Phone via Transfer for Mobile

Transferring files from iPad to Android phone with traditional methods may deliver some limits, such as only supporting media files, fully relying on WiFi, requiring too much cloud space, poor transfer efficiency.

Over time, the development of modern S&T makes one-click transfer possible. MobiKin Transfer for Mobile (Win and Mac) is a paragon of this practice.

Brief overview of MobiKin Transfer for Mobile:

  • Transfer files from iPad/iPhone/iPod to Android phone seamlessly.
  • It also supports moving data from Android to Android, iOS to iOS, and Android to iOS.
  • The supported data types: contacts, text messages, call logs, music, videos, photos, documents, apps, and more.
  • Ads-free, easy and safe to use, fast transfer, etc.
  • Run smoothly on various iOS and Android devices, such as iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad mini, the new iPad, iPad 2, Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, Motorola, LG, OnePlus, OPPO, Google, Vivo, RealMe, etc.
  • It never lets out your privacy.

win phone transfer mac phone transfer

How to transfer data from iPad to Android phone with Transfer for Mobile?

Step 1. Install and run the program on a computer

Download and install the tool on a computer. Then open it, and you'll be prompted to have your iPad and Android device plugged into this computer via USB cables.

initial interface of mobikin transfer for mobile

After that, follow the directions on the screen to get the devices identified by the tool.

Step 2. Select your wanted data for transfer

Upon successful recognition, your two devices will be displayed on the window like below. Here, you can tap "Flip" if you find the destination on the screen isn't your Android phone. Then, tick your desired files for migration.

choose data to transfer from ipad to android

Step 3. Transfer files from iPad to Android phone

Click "Start Copy" to begin to transfer files from iPad to Android phone. The completion time of the job will be determined by the size of the data you just selected.

how to transfer files from ipad to android phone with mobikin

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#2: How to Transfer Data from iPad to Android with File Explorer

File Explorer is a built-in feature on PC, helping transfer photos and videos stored in the DCIM folder from iPad to Android without any software.

How to transfer iPad to Android with File Explorer?

  • Connect your iPad and Android phone to the computer with USB cables.
  • Unlock your iPad and trust the computer. On Android, select the file transfer mode on it.
  • Head to "This PC\Apple iPad\Internal Storage\DCIM\100APPLE" to choose and copy the photos and videos you intend to move to a location on this computer.
  • how to transfer data from ipad to android with file explorer

  • Go to "This PC\your Android phone's name\Internal shared storage\Pictures" and create a new folder.
  • Copy the iPad media files stored on this computer to the newly created folder.
  • Navigate to "Gallery" > "MORE ALBUMS" > "Others" on Android to check the items moved from your iPad.

#3: How to Transfer from iPad to Android by Email

Email can be used to send confidential data like documents, photos, music as attachments from your iPad. After that, you can receive the content by logging in to the recipient account on Android.

How to transfer data from iPad to Android tablet or phone by Email?

  • Open the Mail app and log in to your mail account.
  • Tap the Compose icon on the top-left corner.
  • Input the recipient's email address in the To tab.
  • Set the Subject and touch the Attach Files icon.
  • Attach all the wanted files in Zip format.
  • Click Send.
  • how to transfer from ipad to android by email

  • Open the recipient email account on Android.
  • Access and download the items from the mailbox to this Android phone.

Note: It's pretty easy, though, adding an attachment at a time is usually limited to 20-25MB.

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#4: How to Transfer Data from iPad to Android Tablet/Phone with Google Drive

By uploading content like documents, audio, photos, and some other files to Google Drive, you can then gain the items on your Android phone from the Drive. Before the job, please ensure that:

  • There is enough storage to store the files you wish to transfer.
  • There are stable WiFi connections on both devices.

How to move files from iPad to Android device with Google Drive?

  • Install and run Google Drive on your iPad and Android phone/tablet.
  • Create and sign in with a Google Drive account on iPad.
  • On your Pad, open Google Drive, tap "+" and choose "Upload" from the pop-up menu.
  • Select the files you want to transfer from the iPad.
  • how to transfer files from ipad to android tablet with google drive

  • Open Google Drive on Android, sign in with the same account, and locate the files you'd like to transfer to Android. (Google Drive doesn't work on Android?)
  • Tap "Send a Copy" to move the files to the location on your Android device.

#5: How to Transfer Files from iPad to Android Phone via Dropbox

Likewise, you can also take on the task with a cloud service like Dropbox wirelessly. This service can help share media files from iPad to Android, too.

How to transfer video/photos from iPad to Android phone with Dropbox?

  • Download and install the Dropbox app on your iPad and Android phone.
  • Sign in with the same account on both devices.
  • On iPad, go to Dropbox and create a new folder.
  • Upload the videos and photos you want to move to its folder.
  • how to transfer files from ipad to android phone via dropbox

  • Go to the Dropbox app on Android and check the folder.
  • Download the files to your Android device.

#6: How to Sync Files from iPad to Android via iTunes

You can use iTunes to transfer music/videos to Android after getting them from your iPad if you want to transfer these purchased items across.

Here's how to copy files from iPad to Android phone via iTunes:

  • Use a USB cable to connect your iPad to a computer.
  • Run the latest version of iTunes.
  • Click Store > Authorize This Computer.
  • Enter the Apple ID and password used to purchase the music and videos.
  • When your iPad is shown in the left sidebar, go to File > Devices.
  • Choose Transfer Purchases from XX.
  • how to sync files from ipad to android via itunes

  • Go to the iTunes media folder on this computer. It's saved in C: Users/Administrator/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media by default.
  • Mount your Android device as a USB hard drive and paste the music/videos from the iTunes media folder to Android.

#7: How to Transfer Data from iPad to Android Tablet/Phone via iCloud

iCloud gives you the option to get a .vcf file and import it to your Android tablet/phone (or Google Contacts). In doing so, you can copy contacts to Android from iPad easily.

Let's see how to transfer files from iPad to Android with iCloud:

  • On your iPad, go to its "Settings" > [your name] > "iCloud".
  • Switch on "Contacts" > "Merge" to sync iPad contacts to iCloud.
  • Visit on your computer and then log in with your Apple account.
  • Tap "Contacts" and select the contacts you wish to transfer.
  • Choose "Export vCard".
  • The selected items will be exported to this computer and saved as VCF files.
  • Connect your Android phone to the computer.
  • Finally, move the exported VCF files from your computer to Android.

how to transfer data from ipad to android tablet or phone via icloud

Q: How to transfer apps from iPad to Android tablet/phone?

A: Google Play is the authoritative Android app download center, which allows you to find what you want. As for the apps you've paid, you can try to reach out to the app developer or App Store to see if it could change the .ipa, .pxl, etc version to .apk version at the lowest price difference.


Additional Tips

Some videos and music (with the formats like MOV, M4P, M4B, M4R, etc.) may play well on your iPad but cannot even be opened on your Android phone or tablet. Given that, you have to find some video or audio converter to convert them in advance.

OK, we outlined seven easy methods to transfer files from iPad to Android. You can choose any or some of them to work for you. And hopefully, please share this page with your friends or family if you find it helpful.

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