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iPhone Keeps Turning Off Randomly? 3 Ways to Fix it!

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Why iPhone keeps restarting with available battery remaining from time to time? And how to fix it? It could be very annoying that your iPhone keeps switching off suddenly, especially when you are calling your friend, or playing a game and etc. You might have tried to fix this problem by rebooting your iPhone by yourself, but it turns out to be useless. But you have no need to worry so much, you have come to the right place. Here in this article you are luckily offered 3 effective solutions to fix this iPhone keeps rebooting off issue.

Part 1. Why iPhone Keeps Turns Off?

Part 2. Fix iPhone Keeps Turning Off by Draining iPhone Battery

Part 3. Fix iPhone Keeps Shutting Down Securely with 3rd-party Software

Part 4. Repair iPhone Keeps Restarting Issue with DFU Mode

Part 1. Why iPhone Keeps Turns Off?

Before solving iPhone keep restarting problem, you'd better learn the reasons why iPhone keeps shutting down by itself even though there is available battery life or on full power. There are some of the potential causes to lead this problem.

Reason 1. Battery Indicator Error

There may be a bug on your iPhone that makes your iPhone misunderstand the real battery life of your iPhone. In another words, your iPhone is not able to recognize the battery life on iPhone, and even your iPhone has 100% full charged, your iPhone battery is regarded to be 0% power left.

Solution: The best way to fix it is to make your iPhone battery drain to 0% and then charge it to 100%.

Reason 2. Software Error

Due to compatibility, there might be some conflicts among some software, which is a common reason to cause the iPhone keeps turning off issue.

Solution: Resetting or restoring your iPhone can fix this kind of problem. You can update your iPhone with the latest software update, which can solve the most problems, including fix the error among software that cause iPhone keeps turning off issue.

Reason 3. App Error

If there are conflicts among different applications on your iPhone, or there are problems on the apps on your iPhone, it might also lead to the iPhone keeps restarting off issue. If you have noticed that when you are using an app and it is running slowly and sluggishly, it might be the most recent reason to cause the problem.

Solution: In this situation, you can simply uninstall the apps that may cause your iPhone shutting down from time to time.

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Part 2. Fix iPhone Keeps Turning Off by Draining iPhone Battery

Usually, the battery indicator error should be the first reason you should consider whether it causes iPhone keeps rebooting issue. And no matter you are sure about it, you can also try to fix your iPhone with this simply and risk-free method.

Let's see what should you do to drain your iPhone battery to fix the problem.

Step 1. First of all, please run out of your iPhone battery completely, say 0%. And please make sure your iPhone switches off by itself because of insufficient charge.

Step 2. When your iPhone is turning off, you might charge your iPhone until the battery is charged fully, like 100%. And please use the original iPhone charger and the wall socker for better and faster charging.

Step 3. When your iPhone has finishing charging, you might turn on it to check if the problem is solved or not.

fix iphone keeps turnning off

Part 3. Fix iPhone Keeps Shutting Down Securely with 3rd-party Software

If the above solution does not fix your iPhone keeps turning off issue, you can totally rely on this professional third-party program - iOS System Recovery. With this powerful software, you can easily and automatically fix iPhone keeps restarting issue without the risk of data lost during repairing.

In addition, this software can fix all kinds of system problems on iPhone/iPad/iPod, including iPhone blue/black/white/red screen of death, iPhone stuck on Apple logo, iPhone stuck on recovery mode, iPhone error 1/3/6/27/56 and etc.

Here is the download link as below, you can download the software in Windows or Mac version for free now. Then you might follow the guide in the following part to fix your iPhone keeps turning off issue.

Here is how:

Step 1. Open the installed software on computer and connect iPhone to PC. Then you might select "More tool" > "iOS System Recovery" option on the main interface.

ios system recovery main interface

Step 2. After that, the software might automatically detect the problems of the connected iPhone and show the possible error, such as Stuck on Apple logo, Recovery mode, Keep turning off, iPhone error 27 and etc. You might simply hit the "Start" option to continue.

detect iphone system problem

Step 3. Then you will be asked to confirm your iPhone information. If it is right, simply hit the "Repair" option to start the fixing process. If not, select the correct one and then hit the "Repair" option to begin to fix iPhone keeps turning off issue immediately.

To fix iPhone keeps restarting issue, the software might detect your iPhone current iOS version, and then download the latest one to your iPhone.

begin to repair iphone keeps turning off issue

Part 4. Repair iPhone Keeps Restarting Issue with DFU Mode

You might have heard that you can fix iPhone keeps turning off issue by enabling DFU mode (Default Firmware Update), which is to upgrade or downgrade the iPhone operating system. However, please know that, enabling DFU mode will erase all data and settings completely on your iPhone. So please make a backup of your iPhone before the process.

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Here is the guide:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable and launch iTunes.

Step 2. Press and hold the Home button and Sleep/Wake button for 10 seconds.

enable dfu mode

Step 3. Then please release the "Sleep/Wake" button but keep to press the "Home" button. Then you will get a notice from iTunes, saying "iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode."

itunes detects iphone

Step 4. Then you might release the Home button to make your iPhone turn black. If not, you need to retry to enter DFU mode. Once you have entered the DFU mode, you might hit Restore iPhone option to restore your iPhone with iTunes. Then your iPhone issue will be fixed after the restoration.

fix iphone keeps turnning off issue via dfu mode

Note: If you are holding an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, please press the Volume down button, instead of the Home button. And the other steps are the same.

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