[2023 Updated] How to Transfer Data from One Tablet to Another?

"I just bought a new tablet., not because the old one was broken, just because it was old and outdated. After installing all my favorite apps on the new tablet I'm left with the dilemma of having my app data on the old tablet. Is there a way to transfer the data only, from the old to the new?"

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Have a brand new tablet? Congratulations! Now what you need to consider is how to keep all the content previously stored on the old tablet. You can transfer data from old tablet to new tablet. Some people want to transfer all files and data to a new tablet at once, while others want to transfer only some important files.

Tutorial to transfer data from one tablet to another completely or selectively is introduced here. This article provides three different methods for you to transfer files between two tablets, whether they are Android tablets or Apple iPads.

transfer data from old tablet to new tablet

Part 1: Transfer Data from Old Tablet to New Tablet with Transfer for Mobile (Recommended!)

MobiKin Transfer for Mobile (with its Mac version) is your all-in-one phone to phone transfer and manager. It allows you to transfer everything from one tablet to another, no matter they are Android tablets or Apple iPads. It also supports transferring data between two mobile phones in Android or iOS operating system. Let's check its key features as below.

Core highlights of MobiKin Transfer for Mobile:

  • Copy photos, videos, music, contacts, messages, call logs, documents, apps, notes, etc. in the original quality.
  • Transfer from old Android tablets to new Android tablet, Android tablet to iPad, iPad to Android tablet, as well as iPad to iPad.
  • Supports transferring data between Android and iPhone, Android and Android, iPhone and iPhone.
  • Be compatible with any popular phone and tablet with Android or iOS operating systems, such iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Lenovo Tab, etc.
  • Brings you super fast transferring speed and easy operation, which saves you a lot of time and energy.

After learning the key features of MobiKin Transfer for Mobile, keep on reading to see how to use this program to transfer data from tablet to tablet.

win phone transfer mac phone transfer

Step 1. Install and open Transfer for Mobile

Launch the phone transfer program on your computer after installation. Plug your old and new tablets into this computer via two USB cables. If you are using Android tablet, remember to enable USB debugging on it beforehand.

launch transfer for mobile

Step 2. Connect the two tablets to your computer

Once connected, the two tablets will be detected by this tool. Set the old tablet as the source and the new tablet as the destination. Click on "Flip" button if they are wrongly placed.

connect two tablets to computer

Step 3. Transfer data from old tablet to new tablet

All transferable file types are listed in the middle of the panel. Just tick the ones you need and press "Start Copy" button. Now, all the selected types of data will be moved from your old tablet to the new one immediately.

how to transfer data from one tablet to another

If you want to delete the same types of file on the target device as the transferred file, you can check the "clear data before copying" option.


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Part 2: How to Transfer Data from One Tablet to Another with Gmail

Many cloud services, such as Gmail, iCloud, etc., can help you transfer files from one tablet to another. These cloud services support cross-platform data backup and restore services, which means that you can upload the data on the old tablet to the cloud service, and then log in to the same account on the new tablet to synchronize the backup files in the cloud service On the new tablet. Below, we will use Gmail as an example to tell you how to transfer contacts, calendars and notes to your new Android or iOS tablet.

Step 1. Unlock your old tablet (here we set iPad as example), open the "Settings" app and choose "Accounts & Passwords". Tap on "Add Account" and select "Google". Then, add a Gmail account on your iPad.

Step 2. Turn on the file options that you want to sync, such as Mail, Contacts, Calendars or Notes, and sync them to your Gmail.

Step 3. Turn to your new tablet and sign into the same Google account. Now, you can sync all the uploaded files from your old tablet to the new tablet via Gmail.

transfer data from one tablet to another with gmail

If you are an iPad owner, you should learn how to backup & restore iPad from iCloud backups?


Part 3: How to Transfer Files from Tablet to Tablet with Dropbox

We can also use third-party file transfer applications, such as Dropbox, to transfer data from one tablet to another wirelessly. However, the free storage space provided by Dropbox is extremely limited, if the files that you want to transfer are too large, then you need to pay to upgrade and expand your Dropbox space.

Step 1. Open Dropbox app on your old tablet. Tap on the "+" icon and then "Upload Files" option to select the files and upload them to the Dropbox.

move from tablet to dropbox

Step 2. Turn to your new tablet and sync into Dropbox app with the same account. Then, you can view all the uploaded files on the Dropbox, select the files you need and save them to your new tablet. For example, if you want to know how to transfer photos from one tablet to another, you can select the pictures you want, tap on the "Export" icon and then "Save Image" button to sync the photos to your new tablet.

transfer files from dropbox to tablet

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Bonus Tips: How to Transfer Data from Computer to Tablet

You may need to transfer files from the computer to the tablet, or from the tablet to the computer. Well, the good news is that we have written an article dedicated to how to transfer files from Android tablet to computer, and here, we will give you a detailed introduction to how to transfer data from computer to tablet.

In fact, we have many ways to achieve the purpose of transferring data from the computer to the tablet, but if you want the fastest and most convenient one-click transfer process, then you can abandon the awkward operations of copy and paste, Bluetooth, etc., and choose MobiKin Assistant for Android. This software supports 6000+ Android phones and tablets, and enables you to transfer contacts, SMS, call logs, photos, videos, music, apps and more from Android to computer, and vice versa. Further more, you can use it to edit and manage Android data on computer directly.

win android assistant mac android assistant

Steps to Transfer Data from Computer to Tablet with Assistant for Android:

Step 1. The very first step, as usual, is to launch Assistant for Android software and plug in your Android tablet via USB.

Step 2. Once connected, you can see all transferable file types are categorized on the left side menu. Select the file types that you want to transfer to tablet.

Step 3. Take the example of Photos option. Click on the "Photos" from the left side bar, click "Add" option from the top menu and then you can choose the pictures you want to transfer from computer to your tablet.

transfer data from computer to tablet


In some cases, you need to send files from one tablet to another. In fact, between devices of the same system, conventional methods such as copy and paste, WiFi, or Bluetooth are feasible, but these ancient and clumsy methods cause you great inconvenience. And WiFi and Bluetooth will also involve some technical problems. Moreover, when your two tablets run on different operating systems, such as one Android tablet and the other iPad, the situation will be more complicated.

Therefore, we recommend that you use third-party software because they are the simplest, smoothest, and most professional file transfer method. MobiKin Transfer for Mobile is one of the best software, which simplifies the entire transfer process. Only a few clicks, you can complete the entire data transfer between the two tablets.

win phone transfer mac phone transfer

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