How iOS 11 Save Huge Storage for You?

Since the storage space on iPhone or iPad is limited, so running out of storage always be a headache issue for all iOS users. We all know that out of storage space always result in iPhone running slower and slower, or even crashing irregularly. So in the new version of iOS 11, Apple have tried to help iOS users to solve the out of storage issue, now, let’s to see how iOS 11 save huge storage space for you.

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How to Send Large Size Videos & Photos from iPhone?

When you try to send a video by using iMessage or SMS from your iPhone, sometimes you may be informed that “Video is Too Long” and you’re always be recommended to select a smaller clip from this video to send. I know, most of you will feel frustrating, because sometimes the video is only 2 minutes, but you still fail to send the video from iPhone due to the large size, why?


send large videos or photos from iphone

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Temperature Falls, You Need to Protect Your Phone from Cold Now!

Speaking of winter, a majority of people can’t help quivering due to its low temperature. In most people’s opinion, this frigid season is not so friendly to human cause it not only makes our daily activities inconvenient but also leads to some device errors. One of the most common examples is that the mobile phone is unable to run smoothly. This would be a troubling problem for the reason that phone becomes a necessity now. Thus, for a mobile phone user, knowing the way to protect your phone from cold is very significant. » Read more

Why iPhone Stuck? How to Fix It?

Being a valuable and costly device, people are cautious about not losing their data on iPhone. However, when an iPhone gets stuck, you are faced with a high risk of losing data without any backup. So, most people are struggling to fix the problem. However, before looking for a solution to the problem, it is necessary for you to figure out why your iPhone easy to get stuck.

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What If the App is Not Safe on Mac?

Your Mac is an impenetrable fortress of security. Right? Viruses just bounce right off it. But wait a second. Apple products may have a reputation for having superhero-level immunity, but things aren’t quite that simple. What are those pesky warning messages you get when you try to install a new application? How do you know that an app is truly safe? And what do you do if you find out it’s not?

app not safe

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How to Connect iPhone to TV with USB?

Apart from communicating and socializing, you may also want to be able to enjoy watching music, movies or playing games or other things on iPhone or iPad, right? Then, did you know you can connect your iPhone to your TV set? In fact, you can connect whichever iPhone you own, whether it is 4, 5, 6 or 7 to your television and get to enjoy watching videos and movies or playing games with your friends from your phone directly on the big screen.

Connecting your iPhone to your TV can be done in several ways as follows: » Read more

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